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BBQed Sweet Potato

Cut sweet potatoes lengthwise with a sharp Knife microwave until soft. (about ten Min.) depending on size. Cut agian into thick chunky slices While on BBQ baste with Mott's Garden Cocktail mixed in a dish with lemon Juice and Lemon Pepper.

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So what is the most popular recipe on the internet. A recipe for Lasagna with 12 million hits. Made by a guy from Texas. No Kidding check out this links. AllRecipes Lasagna

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Chapter 15
Chapter 15 Dream 
Sam was holding hands with a beautiful young woman of 18. They were in a school
in the future. It must be in the same building as an airport.
Because when they open the curtains there are three suspended
see through mesh belts carrying luggage in two directions. Two one way and one the other, at speed. 
“Everything on that machine is virtual but you can never really be sure.
Her name is Bella, Sam just knows that, he does not have to ask. She
lets him touch her. Anywhere like lovers do. He gently ran his finger
down the inside of her thigh. She was wearing short shorts.
She kissed him lightly on cheek On the table in front of him was
all the things he loved to eat.
Prime Rib, movie popcorn, butterscotch ice cream .
Without speaking she got up and walked a distance and turned to
him and  without speaking she said “I am the girl of the future,
I am 2030 and  I need you. I will see you tomorrow. today I will
get my car. Tomorrow I will drive you somewhere.

After Bella left Sam started to eat, But she continued to say 
“I know who you are. Your name is Sam.
You worked for 35 years at Johnson and company as an
engineer, there was a time you worked 4 days to stop a boiler
explosion. You were married twice and have two sons twins
Lucas and Logan, at this point I must apologize we have your
mind Mr Davis. You see we need it to understand these things
you designed.”

We lived through 5 plague years. It totally changed life on Earth.
You will find it is quite a different world from the one you knew.
So many people died that we lost some important Knowledge.
Like how airplanes work and how to make a dump truck. 
Sam awoke from the dream just a short time.
Automatic steps to the bathroom around the big black garbage
bag where he had thrown out some of the food they had brought
to his room. He was almost totally blind in one eye because of
canceled cataract surgery. He was hungry so he opened a can of
beef ravioli, something he loved to eat. Then he realized the home
had blocked access to the microwave so he could not heat it up.
He ate it cold. After that he went back to bed
looking for his angel, Bella. 

At first nothing, Only darkness, then a beautiful soft hand slipped
into his. “Told you I would be back tomorrow,” Bella said. “And I
have my car. So this may hurt a bit Sam, but I will take you for a
They slipped into the car by some magic. They started right off to
see things Sam did not want to see. “You see Sam.”
Bella was talking. “Man as a species was meant to continue, that
I believe is what God intended. We lost 2 billion people to the
plague. The worst year was the third one.”
“The virus mutated and reinfected again We finally found
something that could break the virus down to harmless
chemical elements without harming life.”

“Fear that was our biggest enemy” for too long people died alone.
Why did we run from this, after coping with so much only history
will answer? Unfortunately the USA and India got hit the worst.
Mankind could have stopped the thing had we stood together
and not wrecked the economy.”
“Poor people and the old got hit But the second wave of
mutated virus hit everyone. You see this? That was your house.
But that was! Sam stammered.
“Yes Sam mankind destroyed the economy and retreated to a
virtual world”

That is why I got your brain. We are very computer savvy.
Your brain is now a silicon chip. Said Bella
 Sam: “ But, but Bella I don’t want to be a silicon chip.”
“That’s OK Sam we will put you back.” when we’re done.

Sam is awakened again this time by the phone 
“Hello” Sam it is me Tom
Tom was aware that no matter how he felt here must try to speak
calmly to his friend.  “How are you today”

We have to wear a mask or they won’t clean the room.
Tom who had watched his wife dying in a nursing home in bed three inches off the floor.
In case she fell out, he was well aware of the logic of nursing home care.
This one made sense.

Tom was knew of how dangerous long term care could become.
It would all depend on the owner's attitude and respect for those
receiving care. Disease if untreated could rampage through the

Tom was saddened by the fact the “that's the rules,” factor had
entered the discussion about Sam’s food. He had run into this at
University where someone was more interested in copy right than
allowing student access form off Campus. 

Society problems were not being solved through negotiation and
that Tom though was the basis of this reactionary behavior toward
the pandemic. 

If Sam did not like the food then maybe they could make him a nice
salmon sandwich from his own stock of tins. The way it looked to Tom
some people should not be in this line of work.

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