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Monday, 3 February 2020

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City News Interview with Harjeet Sehgal
City Water

Crossing Allan's Bridge twice

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Lisa Cunningham the power of a Guelph Library Card

Editorial Why so Many Homeless


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Crossing Alan's Bridge With a Second track

City of Guelph NEWS

Copyright Phil Musgrave

Phil Musgrave: Intview with

Interview with Harjeet Sehgal Customer Service Clerk-III
Business Services, Environmental Services (Water Supply)
City of Guelph
Question: Is there any concern in the Guelph area for lead or waterborne disease?
Guelph’s water quality is excellent. The ground acts as a natural filter, and the City uses ultraviolet technology and chlorine as additional protection, including against waterborne diseases, to ensure the safety of the water as it travels from the source to your tap. The water we deliver to private household plumbing meets or does better than Ontario’s drinking water quality standards.
While there are no concerns about lead levels in our municipal drinking water supply, some older homes still have lead pipes within private plumbing. We have a rebate program to help people replace lead pipes in their homes:
Queation: What Does healthy under road infrastructure look like? More information about Guelph’s water supply:Ground waterTesting /
Guelph water quality reports:
Your inquiry also suggests you’re interested in asset management. Check out our information online which includes links to reports and more details about all of Guelph’s infrastructure:
Question: Is PVC piping safe? Similarly for your questions concerning PVC as a watermain material type, I would direct you to Health Canada’s Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality: Guideline Technical Document (section 5 - Vinyl Chloride) for additional information on this material type used throughout the global water industry. In accordance with this document the City uses NSF/ANSI Standard 61 grade PVC pipes where appropriate through construction and alterations to the drinking water system and distributes only cold water to customers.

City of Guelph NEWS

Copyright Phil Musgrave

Lisa Cunningham (She/Her) Marketing & Communications Coordinator,

Main Library

The Power of library card

There is nothing more empowering than getting your own library card. With your Guelph Public Library card, you can pursue your passions and dreams – with online courses, resume and tutoring services, take-home technology plus enjoy thousands of books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs and more. Visit any one of our six locations to sign up for a library card or register online.
Discover exciting new books, explore Guelph’s history, join a free program,
immerse yourself in our state of the art Makerspace,
research your family history, stream movies and music or enjoy essential services such as WiFi , computer access and our online resources.
Guelph Public Library staff are here to support you. Let us help you get connected to your next great read, your community, your home away from home. Learn more about all of the wonderful library services awaiting you at Read what Steve Kraft has to say about The New MAIN Library Virtual Class Visits for tots


Editorial Opinion Homeless for Thanksgiving

Editorial Opinion Homeless for Thanksgiving

It always happens this time of year. you have to call the landlord at least once to remind them that the heat is not on. The thing is, as you get older, the more you notice the small things. Like the heat being off. Maybe there are two many people in the world. Maybe we should have stopped at 6 billion. After all it seems there are surplus people lying on the street in Toronto. While the hungry pigeons peck greedily at the half opened plastic wrapped sandwich left on the sidewalk beside them by some loving member of the congragation of St. Jude’s. Who of course would not be there were it not for the government fund granted the church to take care of the poor.
Then there are the lineups at the church of the mentally ill, the drug addicts and the poor. all lined up to get themselves a meal for one day. Oh Canada takes good care of refugees. They are bussed to language classes and soon they are placed in an apartment with updated sewer and water and even fiber optic cable is installed. Then they go to work in local factories
While across the street a building privately owned by Foresthill Kipling or maybe Gallaxy Value Added Ontario Properties are busy updating their property to make it more sellable. So the company can flip it maybe to another landlord in their own real estate group.. The fourth landlord in ten years. Cameras are installed, walls are painted and the Laundry room updated.
heat is kept too low so as not to burn to much Natural gas.
The Problem we run into here is apartments only update after the tenant dies or leaves, and repairs are not being made in a timely manner. People living in the building can get sick from improper ventilation or bad water. There can sometimes be 4 levels of administration to a building. Making it very hard to get things fixed. Take the example of Forest Hill Kipling standing at the top of the food chain. The administrators for the property somewhere in the mix is Starlight, then there is Galaxy Value added properties who collect the rent, then there is the regional manager. A sub regional Manager and the assistant Manager the outside contractors.
Temporary homeless shelters are playing a numbers game with the government and are top heavy with highly paid administration. These shelters have a maximum of 29 days then you can’t come back for a year. You don’t want one in your neighborhood because of litter, noise and needles on the ground.
And ODSP and community housing are outright hostile in there relationships with clients Yes it is time for the government to step in and really help the homeless help themselves this is a province wide emergency.