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Saturday, 29 October 2016

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Page Nagivation
Chapter 18 A ficional work, the Wall

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Chapter 18 The Science THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY
Chen was in her lab on a Sunday morning, It was no disrespect to her
God she knew he was with her. She understood that life on earth had
evolved as one. And the interaction between organisms had developed
over time. It would take a creator of great intellect to create a world like this.
 If she was to do science correctly she knew she must hold to this premise.
Also she was aware of the suspicion that this was Sar-CoV-2 or the Covid 19
was a man made product. Made in China, so to speak.
She had phoned her family in China and found it had a very bad effect in China
but a recovery was underway. She also knew that it might not be wise to talk of
these things on a long distance call. 

If this menace was man made and deliberately released, was of no concern to her.
She just wanted to make things right. She had something to prove. She was at work
this Sunday to make sure she was prepared for her presentation that she had to
make on Monday.

Her boss Dr. David Carter PhD D.Sc had complete oversight of her work, but had
not said much as yet. Mostly just to listen to her weekly report that was required to
be verbal as well as written explaining in detail the forward movement of her research.

Chen’s venn diagram had expanded as well as the previous lipids the chart now
included interferon Alpha 2B, Recombinant DNA,  endogenous retrovirus, and a
remodeled graphic of the Covid 19 showing the carbohydrates. 

Chen was making her presentation to David, but before she speaks
David says “I have brought two other experts with me today, Dr Ben
Laslo Ph.D PharmD. From University of Waterloo and Dr Rosie Smith
MD up from McMaster University in Hamilton.

Chen Starts talking, very shy at first, then forgets About Herself and starts
thinking about her work. “right now I am looking at the work being done in
Cuba. That country has a good trading relationship with China and also sent
Doctors to China to treat the Chinese. There is no sense in me redoing their
work on retroviruses, if I can get a copy of the progress they have made.
Canada has good relations with Cuba, so I have made my request through
The Canadian Consulate in Cuba to the
Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB),
The Cuba have been dealing with interferon Alpha 2B,
Recombinant DNA, for a long time now. And as you know 
Interferon is created naturally in the body. I am also keeping an eye on
developments in the United States Of America, they are using a
treatment for ebola to shorten recovery time from infection.
There have also been efforts made in America to block the immune
response that fills the lungs with fluid.”

Chan continues  “With regards to My own research the first thing I
did last week was to update my model of the virus to include the
carbohydrates that are not easy to detect through the
"These fats contribute to the masking effect of the virus, making it
more difficult for the body to detect.” I also took a look at dopamine
and adrenaline for their potential to build a wall between the cell
and the virus before invasion of the cell occurs.
That avenue of research is as yet inconclusive.” 
Chen continues, “you might know the scientific evolutionary theory
that a retrovirus is responsible for mammals' ability to give birth
rather than lay eggs. So I have deliberately infected live placenta
tissue with coronavirus. Later I will then infect that tissue  with the
man made Interferon Alpha 2B and make observations."

Dr Smith, “What is the purpose of your research?"
Chan. “I have a strong belief in evolution. And that covid 19 is  a
product of the evolutionary history of earth. Weather man made
or not. That is a moot point, because man is now and has been
for a while a manipulator of the natural history of this planet.”

“So I am trying to modify man to make hominids less susceptible
to this specific kind of viral attack. This could be  done in several
ways DNA RNA modification.
Through the chemical change at the molecular level to the human
immune system change the cells of the human body to make themreact in a
modified way to a viral attack."
I believe that evolution on Earth is an ongoing story and man has
been invited to participate in his own evolution.” 

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