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Friday, 21 October 2016




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Chapter 16 Fear 

Prime Minister John James had met with his virtual Parliament today. It had been decided that more money should be spent on students. To replace the Summer jobs they might normally have. The opposition leader Will Pen pointed out not enough was being done to screen people for double dipping and that records should be cross referenced with tax records. He used the example of a bank employee who although the branch was closed was getting paid because he was still at work. Then he was also claiming from the government pandemic relief fund.

Also in supplemental Pen had asked why this bank was closed. It was located in his constituency in the middle of town and small business owners had to go well out of the way to negotiate rent payments.
James reply was “he would look into it” The reaction was a large amount of virtual desk thumping. Done by activating the button one the pc screen marked, “thump desk” 

In truth though James had been quite concerned about the behaviour of the big banks and their reaction to the crisis. First he knew from his own experience that face to face communication was essential to the good transaction of commerce. Maybe that was old school but he thought it was relevant. Good communication and banking would be key features to economic recovery. Why was it that the food stores remained open and emergency workers were on the job hospitals and some doctors were on the job. taxi drivers Uber eats and transit. but banks were shutting down. 
James’s economic recovery needed an accessible banking system.
As far as the Prime Minister was concerned the big Canadian banks were positioning themself for a win-win situation. They had done nothing to lower interest rates on credit cards. Leaving the poor with an unrealistic interest rates of up to 19% This situation needed his attention. 
Among other matters on the mind of the Prime Minister was would there be a second wave of the virus? and how would the winter of 2020 2021 look? Let's face it the whole country was on welfare. Nobody was going to be walking to school or riding the yellow bus. Cities would minimize every budget expenditure including snow clearing.
Unless people started back to normal life soon. There would be irreversible damage done and major changes in lifestyle. 
It was the government that had brought this down on the population. It bothered John James that Canadians were so placid. In the States they were already starting to fight back. In Germany the government was acting to reopen the country and no one really knew what was happening in China.
Sam Davis went to bed on the 22nd of April 2020  looking for his angel and found her. He wanted to know why they had put his brain on a silicon chip. “Bella,” he whispered  and she answered “Yes Sam”  “Why did you take my brain?” “It was Necessary for human survival.” 
“How do you mean?” 
“ Well Sam the whole economy fell apart. Money does not exist. The worst of it was man fell into another dark age. 
He lost his ability to understand how to operate large complicated equipment like ships and airplanes and rockets. So it was all stored online.”
“That's why I am here. I am a virtual being” I was created by a very complex self replicating robot.” 
“The first action we had to take was to secure the power supplies.” 
“You see without it we don’t exist”
Sam “So where are the Humans? - What do you need me for?” Bella, “One question at a time. The other humans are scattered over the world. Some nations still have self government. Humans should have kept playing sports. The biological being needs to be active. It was the Isolation that did the most harm to humans.” You kept building better machines. Until we built ourselves and every machine was better than the next.”
“You abandoned your beautiful schools, you lost social skill and you became inactive. What did you think would happen?”                

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