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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Chapter 20 the Smart Ones



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The above Photo rotated conterclockwise
is th face of a man 
Chapter 20 The smart ones Copyright  fiction by Phil Musgrave
Tom had been out, things had changed, he was talking to people on the street; and street people. He was asking how they were. One said I live on the street. It's really hard. Tom asked, “did they not give you a place to stay? They took some and put them in hotels, they did not take me. The most interesting answer Tom got to the question, “Where have all the homeless gone?” was given by a well dressed man in his fifties, “well they were put up in hotels, but the smart ones stayed on the street.”
The answer puzzled Tom, until from his car he saw. A hotel that he thought would likely take government money to house the homeless. It was all boarded up with plywood over the french windows and doors”. It was not derelict, it was a nice building. So what was happening inside?

Strange thing too before covid, ( BC he thought ha, ha, Pretty funny ) there was this homeless shelter that took people in for something less than a month and then they could not come back for a year. This place had closed a month ago. The staff assumed to be on covid benefit. Tom had always found that curious because how does someone put together first and last month's rent in less than a month. 
Tom had just heard on the News that 80% of Canada’s Covid cases were in long term care homes. As of may 8th 2020 Tom thought it won’t belong before we hear that about the homeless in shelter. 

(Cody’s Farm), the sign read. The owner of the land that Cody’s group had started their lakeside community on. Met them as a group. He was an older man who had, in his time, had come to Canada to avoid the draft. He had also lived in a hippy commune. He was astounded with Cody’s group efforts and had given the group a farm tractor. He had made their connection to the hydro grid legal. After telling them they should respect all the silent frontline workers. Who are in the background keeping the hydro working, the water safe, and WIFI up and running without a hitch.
His name was Squash Radcliff. He was very good at growing pumpkins. And he had title to the fifty six acres of 
Land surrounding the lake.
This is my deal, he said, “Every man in this community gets a paid job within a year. There is a shortage of women so let's get to making babies. If you have work outside the town You pay part or your wages to the community. Anyone caught stealing is to leave the community. I want to see schools and some place to worship a God. Those are my terms, take it or leave it.”

“We take it.” said Cody Ok then Squash said Tomorrow I will buy you chickens and sheep.

It was on a city bus that Tom first noticed the stalker although he changed buses the stalker followed and then
At one point he walked away and made a cell call then came back. Later the police came by and nothing happened. Tom wondered why this person had nothing better to do with his time. Perhaps he had too much money or time on his hands. It was then that two Canada geese flew over head honking loudly. 

Fan had found a friend. Another woman. She too had refused to give up a name. The name of a young man, a University student with a spectacular future as a medical Doctor. Someone else thought they saw him hit her and had phoned it in. Daisy knew this was not true. Nonetheless the law stated that the man and woman must stay apart until the charges were resolved. “I am sorry,” the woman at the shelter had told them, “ but we are unable to keep women in this shelter who will not name the man who abused them.” So both women were now homeless in November and Fan told Daisy that she had lost her baby to foster care. Two nights on the street and Fan had had it. She told Daisy, “I know a place we can go you cannot tell anyone.” “I can keep a secret,” Daisy replied.
Ok but we have to walk.
The two women headed out for Cody’s Farm; they arrived at night and there a young woman called Gena asked them to sign a paper stating that to the best of their knowledge they have no covid 19 now. They are then immediately given warm clothes and a bowl of fish chowder and two warm sleeping bags. They went to sleep in a large log cabin. 
In the morning Gena was back, breakfast for you two will be served in center cabin 3 Now I want all your information I want to see all the ID you have. If you have any cash. We won’t take it yet, but we do want it documented. There are all kinds of paid jobs in the camp for women. I am doing one. Over the next month you will find a niche. We have a farm, we make bread, sell produce, make clothing, our winter wear is quite famous and is sold in stores. We Have a hospital and we treat covid patients. We have a 95% recover rate. We also have a natal unit. We have steel recycling and brick making. Some of our members clean litter from the road and recycle the cardboard and plastic. All the women are encouraged to get pregnant. Daisy was almost a nurse before the trouble with her boyfriend. So she was interested in the hospital. 
When George Heard Fan was back he could not wait to see her Link to Chapter 21