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Friday, 30 September 2016

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Fluffy Yellow Duck

Chapter 24 the fictional work "The Wall"

ROYAL Canadian Mint Art

Killer Robot

Origanal Art

The wall a work of fiction 

copyright Phil Musgrave BA

Chapter 24 War 

China had been making moves to take over Taiwan and in Hong Kong there was enforced chinese rule and there was also a border dispute with India that had been ongoing. The President of The USA Ronald Frump colloquially known as The Ronald. He was coming off a stunning electoral victory. Ronald had won a second term.

Roney had some strange logical thinking patterns at times, but he was no fool. His greatest leadership quality was decisiveness. He also followed through to make sure the job was carried out. 

He was a product of America at this time in history. Ronny Frump was the President for his time. At 73 Ronny was starting to show his age. That did not sink his titanic personality or hamper his ablies to rule a confused nation enveloped in a pandemic, and a fight with economic depression and racial inequality.

It was not a good time for the United States of America to go to war. However, as one well known economist once said, the cure for national economic depression is to wage war. The first signal of war was the expulsion of Chinese nationals from American soil. Donny had been given good advice. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO NUCLEAR. We don’t want to lose any American cities. However Ronny had a reputation for not always taking advice.

The President had pressed hard for the readmission of Russian back into the G8 after Russia's expulsion for that country's actions in Ukraine some odd years before. He had won that point after the Prime Minister of Canada had softened his opposition to the proposal. In return for Canada’s agreement with the U.S.A. would allow an Chinese executive to be part of a prisoner exchange, two Canadians imprisoned in China for the executive held in Canada. The prisoner held in Canada was facing sedition charges in the United States. 

Roney was talking at a public rally, “I don’t like the Chinese, they started this, but Mark my words, America will finish it."

” China thinks We are weak but this is not true. We have weapons that the world has never seen before. We can make all the people in any city we choose disappear. Without touching the Infrastructure, Without touching the Infrastructure.”“We will use these weapons against China, If a peaceful solution cannot be found.” 

 It was a great rally for the political right in America. Nearly a million Americans were in attendance and nobody was social distancing. After the rally an elated Frump Marched off the stage. He heard a voice say. “Mr. President” “yes” It was Ian Vice, his press Secretary” 

“Sir you went off script again, I have asked you repeatedly not to endanger national security in that manner.”

 Ronny looked at Ian, a slender man in a blue suite. Whatever the thoughts ran through Frump's head at this moment, he chose to keep to himself, But he did speak,

“Ian you're fired.” 

 “Good Morning Google” said Tom, The voice from the speaker brought the news. “President Ronny frump died at 2 am this morning of a massive heart attack at home in his bed in the East Wing of the White House. The President who had just addressed a crowd of over a Million people on the grounds of the Washington Monument yesterday, was awake and conscious with his doctors and family present. The president was 74 years old."

  Tom let a thought slip through his brain. “Only the good dye young.”

Chapter25 is here


New weapons for 2020

Hypersonic Rockets 

Killer Robots

Video Credit Popular Mechanics see Killer
Robots link above 


 Original art work Phil Musgrave



Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gryphon Cheerleaders Page 44 c25



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Chapter 25 Black Lives Matter of "The Wall." (a work of fiction).

Copyright Phil Musgrave


Sam watching the News CNN was an addiction for him, and he understood very well that at eighty nine years old young people would see his life as lacking potential. Then again if black lives matter, why should not old people’s? He could understand that there were some deep emotional feelings around the world that inequity must be brought under control. Change was happening again in this world. There was more to this than black lives. It was more like a hunger to allow all lives to reach their full potentual. This mostly peaceful uprising all over the world could be a revolution. A hunger for justice. The reaction of the American government to bring in the army to quell demonstrations had been met with very negative opposition, the fear being the total loss of the democratic prosses. So the protests had continued for two weeks. “Was it.” Sam “thought “that as the world population grew people felt their lives were less significant.” 

Sam thought about childhood dreams, “I want to be a ball player, a truck driver, an engineer, policeman, fireman, pilot, Some people want to have a happy life with a home, a wife and a cottage. Sam had heard somewhere that at this time in history almost 70% of white Americans Had a home. and 43% of black Americans were homeowners. 

Sam was falling asleep, something he did more often since he was semi confined to his room because of the pandemic. Again he was looking for Bella and again he found her. As he pressed his head into her soft warm body, he asked, “why is my life not worth anything?” Bella answered in a strange way. “I cannot answer for the cruel acts of the people of your time. I only know my time and my world. Sam “ In your timeline things are going to change very fast there is much frustration with people feeling their lives are wasted.” “The virus has caused job loss and great disruptions in school based learning the ones at the bottom of the economic cycle single unemployed homeless men” will hurt the most.

What should be understood here Sam, is that people in your timeline are already changing the government. The police have a role to play in government, just like the Press, and even the banking system. You mess with the government too much there is the possibility of anarchy.” “That is why I am stuck in this timeline.
Where we live it is mostly in a virtual world. To get to this point in history because we first dismantled the real world shops to try to control this virus that only had a kill rate of 1.4% for the first time round in New York City. Of course we had five years of this stuff on and off, and because we did The economy went online and we got hyperinflation. The banks were unreachable and meaningless online shadows. Police forces were not only underfunded and ineffectual.” and we’re now only starting to regain our National Identity.”

 Fazer is talking to his daughter Emma on Zoom “ I told you not to go near the demonstrations. ” But Dad, some of Christopher's friends from the hockey team, were black and we marched in solidarity with them. “Look Emma” I don’t know where this is going. This refunding of the police is a very radical Idea. There may be trouble.

People have their living on hold right. now someone pressed the pause button. They are pent up and frustrated. We need to fix things in this world. Like Homelessness and job loss, having a safe place to live is where it all starts, but doing away with the police is not good.” “Dad they don’t want to do away with Police, We want a more Just and responsive police force. “Emma if you think about it you don’t really know where this is going, Police are what stand between us an anarchy.”

 “Dad, all good revolutions never had the answers in the beginning. The people just knew what they didn't want. No one knows what the ending is till you read through the whole book and you can’t skip a chapter because it won’t make sense.”
Fazer,“Emma I just don’t want any trouble”
“Fine Dad I won’t go to the marches anymore”
“Thanks Emma, that means something to me.
Now about that car of yours, you need a new piston?” “Yes I think that is what they said” “Just send me the bill”

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The Mask Page 45



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The Mask


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The Mask


Picture Credit A guide to Carabanna

More About the Jokers: mask


The mask and politics Boston review

The Wild Rag


History  of the Mask

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Chapter 26 The Mask
A writing of fiction copyright Phil musgrave

 The Psychology, Philosophy and Politics of the Mask: a Lecture by Dr Seth Lambert recorded live, face to face without masks, at an unidentified academic institution. In the United States of America, April 21st 2021.

Tom was watching this Item on You Tube.
 Seth, “The first use of the mask was in ceremonial form as an attempt to change Identity. To become someone who you were not, maybe someone from a perceived spirit world that comes to animated life, if you watch old Westerns, like I do, you would think of it as a disguise or covering to make it hard to identify a person who is up to no good. 

The Wild Rag worn around cowboys or girls necks did have practical purposes in the dusty environment in which they did their jobs. Anyone working out door for an extended time might find this article of clothing useful. However the bank robbers of the old west used the Wild Rag for another purpose. Let us now examine another kind of mask, the mask of war paint worn by Indigenous peoples.

 It might be said that the warrior feels safer behind a mask, but modern combat soldiers wear grease paint to break up their face. Now if we look at the Joker in the Batman saga you sometimes see a very unhappy man with an exaggerated happy face painted on his own.

The Canadian Prime Minister appeared in Brown Face to sing a song. The mask is often used in drama and Opera. So at this point we will review some of the uses of the mask, camouflage, protection, to hide Identity, to give courage. The medical mask came into vogue in the 1960’s these are sturdy masks used to protect the face of operating room staff against infectious matter. We also have masks for welders and people using harmful aerosols. These masks will place in the category of safety equipment. The burka worn by some women of certain faith had a mask component to it.”

 “The mask did not come into fashion in it’s own right until the covid 19 pandemic . At this point in the lecture some woman's voice says “What does a three legged man walking down the beach sound like? '' A male voice answers, “Do Tell.” Female voice, “ flip, flip, flop. Male voice, “Cute!” This is what Tom had been watching for. It was what made this video's numbers go viral.

 Seth is taking charge “cut the chatter” “Of course,” Seth continues, “another kind of mask is as, I am masking my actions. we often find in primitive nation that war can mask genocide. This would not of course be the case in the U.S.A..
Speaking politically I think we have to be watching for certain cover ups. A reduction of civil liberties. Segregation of older people, high bank rate, and high personal debt, a lack of or the reduction in the quality of education offered to the poor. This last criteria would include access to the internet.

There one last thing to look for, this is what I will call blocking. This happens when a deliberate or incidental block is placed in the path of maximum human growth potential.” “This is 2021 every human life that does not contribute is a loss to society, However if that person is blocked from full participation, that is a crime.

 A person can be ostracized because they have pimples on their face and someone spreads a vicious rumor that said person has a contagion. I feel the mask is a symbol of a world in retreat.” The Idea of the social bubble group, is tribal and breaks down social, national and global accountability.” “The example of online banking is a poor one, I admit. I will use it anyway. Before the pandemic that is BC, Before COVID, people were already trying to avoid any contact with anyone who was sick. The mask was evident in the year 2019 although few people wore them. When there was even a whiff that COVID 19 was a menace. The Banks went about systematically closing branches. The food markets remained open and made a healthy profit. It looks to me like a deliberate collusion by the banks to close certain branches and encourage online banking. Online banking only works for those with access to the internet.”

 “Yesterday I was downtown using a machine, and some poor fella, I’ll call Bob, was talking through the door of the bank to a teller.” “This branch is closed,`` the teller said.” But said the man “I have this check from the Government and I don’t want it put on hold. Is the manager in? She used to help me with this.”” At this point in the lecture on all the laptop screens in the classroom appear to have Nothing but a large human eye.

 The lecture continues, Seth is speaking again only now he has someone beside him “you all remember that you signed an agreement about you person and your property.” “Well this is my friend Ava” she is here to show you just how unreal the internet is”

 Ave “hands up anyone who does online banking on the laptop they have with them today?” About twenty Hands Go Up. Ave “OK If you look at your screens you will see the eye has gone. Now If you check your bank balance you will see it is zero.

No worries I can put it all back again. I did this to show you that the internet is not real. Now if I was North Korea about to invade South Korea this might be a prelude to war. It would create the kind of disturbance that would render America impotent.” Tom now stops the YouTube video player. Chapter 27 is here


Friday, 23 September 2016

football before 2020 and the novel the WALL Chapter 28



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The last Basketball the Gryphon's played in Game 2020

More Gryphon Photos

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Photo copyright Phil Musgrave
























Chapter 28 Defunding and Toppling
a work of fiction copyright Phil Musgarve

"Christopher, haven't you seen enough of the TV News,” Emma was Irritated. “No Em this is important stuff Look their making history here. These people are marching against the oppression of black people. And they are knocking down and defacing statues of racist figures.” “Oh look, look there I am On T.V. “ He held up his Tablet. “It says Black lives Matter. And defund the police” “And later on we defaced the statue of Sir John A.”

 “We are changing the world Em. Chris turned to Emma, to his surprise she was angry, maybe as angry as she could ever be. Emma, “You know Chris I am tired of the bullshit. I know your black friends have had it rough. I would not want to be a poor black in the United States right now. Black lives do matter but my papa’s life matters. He died alone in a nursing home.

 Sure I have friends who are black but I don’t see them any differently from white people. Yes peaceful marches can change things”

“But Emma your missing the point Emma."

 “Shut up I am not finished yet” “In all the time you have been with me, you have never asked what my father did.” “My father is a Policeman and he is living through misery right now more than he should have too. Destruction of property is a nasty thing to do. Everybody lives in a time in history.

Sir John A MacDonald was maybe not the best of people. He was Prime Minister. The next thing is to remove his name from the history books and tear down his portrait. Then we never know what his life was like. We never learn from our mistakes. Someone made the statue as a work of art.” "Never mind!" Emma walks away.

 Sam is alone in his room watching television. He is thinking about what could happen with contact tracing in Canada and how it might get out of hand. The world is never going to be normal. Most people only get mild symptoms from covid 19. It is the two weeks in Isolation that can even drive a dog mad.

Sam was alone in his room, at 89, he is crying, No love in his life. He feels abandoned. The phone rings, "hello, hello." 

It is Tom “he just talks all the time and so fast.” Sam is thinking. Thanking him for phoning. They talk about the homeless on the street. The strange ones who talk to themselves. Tom “every generation has social sins, This is only one of ours. How many Monuments to us will they topple a hundred years from now.” Sam I am so happy that the black man is losing more of the chains of oppression. He is welcomed as a brother.”

“Yes Sam I think it is time to be kind and courageous.” “No more property damage, what this world needs right now is a message of hope.” Sam ,“a second coming” Tom.”Oh I truly hope not, Sam because that would be the end of the world.

 Tom is reading what he has written: to Sam. 

 “A letter My great great grandchild, Dear human If you find this it is because we it is because we failed. Our world fell apart because Like the elephant that is afraid of the mouse. We could not tell the difference between infection rate and death rate. A virus that in most people presented only minor symptoms, was the cause of widespread panic."

" It was the contact tracing. and Quarantine that was forced on us by the Government. We handed our world over to anarchy. Change is good, panic is bad. We did not understand what we were doing until it was too late. So sorry. Remember one thing my child.
Man is meant to die."

 The sins of our generation have been no less than those that went before us. We abandoned the mentally ill and some of the elderly The homeless lived out their lives on the street. While we ate and slept well. Stores and banks lived in a virtual world. We defunded our protectors,  the police.”

 "What I wish for you my child is freedom, happiness and a life that is fulfilling." 

 "The one nightmare I have is that your generation will be controlled by self replication robots. Let's hope not." 

"Be strong, corsages and explore space. I am certain that in space the human race will find answers and more question But that is the wonder of life."

Every life must have a mission. Every country has a development plan and the earth should move into space. Nothing absolutely nothing should stand in the way of those plans.”

"So what do you think Sam? I made it an outline for a novel I might write."  Sam That's a bit sad But I like the bit about Hope and outer space."           Chapter 29 is here